Automate Your Entire Machine Learning Workflow

Expedite the creation and deployment of machine learning models with’s automated machine learning platform.

Automated Data Preparation

Fully transparent data preparation pipeline that saves the “heavy lifting” of performing tasks like:

  • Data cleaning
  • Feature engineering
  • Imputation
  • Auto sample generation
  • Feature stacking
  • Feature embedding
  • Feature selection


The accumulated experience of millions of trained models improves the accuracy and efficiency of the modeling process.

Automated Model Creation

Code-free high-performing machine learning models armed with the best science toolbox.

Model Optimization

Model optimization based on business KPIs. Accuracy for the highest performance and explainability for maximum transparency.


Maximum accuracy by using complex pipelines and top algorithm libraries


Maximum explainability by using visual model reports

Explainability & Visualization

Fully transparent and visual model reports such as feature importance, decision trees, performance overview, model description, residual plot and more.

One-Click Deployment

Smooth deployment, productization and maintenance of predictive models in one click.

Deployment Methods:

  • Cloud prediction – API
  • On-premise prediction – Docker

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