Firefly Lab

Firefly Lab is an automatic machine learning model builder
which specializes in enterprise data.
We address a wide range of machine learning tasks!



Multivariate Time Series


Anomaly Detection

  • Simple - only a few clicks to create any machine learning model
  • Deep - based on tens of trusted open source algorithms,
  • including deep learning and neural networks
  • Unlimited - quickly runs an unlimited number of models
  • Transparent - reports on the entire model and pipeline
  • Cloud - built on AWS with native elasticity and scalability

For Experienced Data Scientists

Use advanced options to input preferences. Get new algorithms, preprocessing techniques and elaborate reports to explore model performance.

For Data Citizens

Deliver high-performing ML models like a pro. Focus on your business domain expertise.

The Firefly Difference

Intelligent Preprocessing

Automatically delivers a high-performing data preparation pipeline and saves you from the heavy lifting of tasks such as imputation, feature engineering, embedding and stacking.

The right preprocessing can make or break ML model performance. For each of the stages in preprocessing, Firefly Lab automatically chooses the best method considering the specific machine learning task and algorithm. It automatically handles feature engineering, embedding and stacking and creates a high-performing pipeline.

F3 Search

Proprietary method of automatically and concurrently training many different algorithms with a broad set of hyper parameters.

F3 Search involves the creation of hundreds of models in parallel in a matter of minutes. We call it F3 Search because it has the power of three:

1. Meta learning leverages knowledge gained from each and every model trained in the past.

2.Exploration ensures that the search does not overlook any important area in the hyper parameter space.

3.Exploitation allows for rapid and accurate convergence of the search results.

Golden Ensemble

Provides the best coverage of the most accurate prediction by creating an ensemble comprised of complementary models.


Transforms the black box of automatic machine learning into a transparent one with proprietary visualization and detailed reports.

The Halixograph proprietary visualization tool enables exploring the tested models. Full reports on the automatic steps translate model behavior and decisions into plain English for business stakeholders to gain actionable insights.

Firefly Predict

It’s time to put your ML models to work!
Select the best methods for your needs:

Firefly Architecture

Complex models? Small and simple models?
Your lab space or your high-volume, big data enterprise environment?

Firefly architecture is truly elastic — giving you the right scale and
computing capacity to deliver on your machine learning objectives.