AI IN A SNAP is an automated machine learning platform
for business impact

Predict Almost Anything

Deliver predictive models to achieve
your business goals

Empower In-House Talent

Enable your analytics team to reap the benefits of AI without possessing data science skills or writing a single line of code

Accelerate Time to Market

Leverage an advanced AutoML platform to create and deploy transparent predictive models rapidly and get to market fast.

From Data to AI
in Hours

Lift up your analytics team
to exceed business goals

  • 01

    Step 01

    From customer data to ML-ready data’s platform automatically collects, connects, and prepares your customer data to be ML ready. Our automated predictive analytics process eliminates the tedious and timely work it takes to ensure your data is ready for prediction.

  • 02

    Step 02

    Absolutely no coding necessary

    Easily run high-performing predictive models without the need for a single line of code. Our system uses its meta-learning capabilities to find and suggest the best models according to your data and business problem at hand.

  • 03

    Step 03

    Gain true transparency and clarity

    With fully transparent and visual reports you can rest assured knowing that you are equipped with all the right tools and information needed to backup every data-driven decision you and your business make.

  • 04

    Step 04

    Turn information to insights in a snap

    Easily and seamlessly deploy your predictive models into production with’s platform, which reduces the time and effort it takes to deploy your model effectively from weeks to hours.

Become AI-Driven

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