AI IN A SNAP is an automated machine learning platform
for business impact

From Data to AI
in Hours

Lift up your analytics team
to exceed business goals

  • 01

    Step 01

    Instantly Prepare & Analyze Your Data

    Automate the fuss of getting your data ML-ready through automated generation of advanced machine learning pipelines, including data imputation, feature engineering, feature embedding, and feature stacking.

  • 02

    Step 02

    Automatically Train Hundreds of Models

    Deliver high-performance machine learning models without writing a single line of code. Powered by meta-learning and armed with the top algorithm libraries, create the best performing ensemble in a short time-to-market period.

  • 03

    Step 03

    Deliver Visual Explainability Reports

    Quickly test your AI initiatives and dataset readiness to guarantee successful adoption by delivering explainability reports and insights on your machine learning models. Detailed reports include feature sensitivity, decision trees, confusion matrices, and more.

  • 04

    Step 04

    Deploy & Productize Your Models

    Continuously deliver machine learning models that automatically adapt to your and your customers’ needs. Ensure smooth deployment and maintenance of predictive models through to production via API, a web interface or local export.

Predict Almost Anything

Deliver predictive models to achieve
your business goals

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