Your secret weapon
in the AI race

Firefly is an automated
machine learning model builder

first 770
second 773
third 774
Firefly: Automating the entire pipeline

Built on AWS,
secure, scalable
and elastic

Perfect for lab
experiments or your
heavy-duty enterprise

Running & continually
expanding our selection
of leading open-source
algorithm libraries

Comprehensible reports
on model performance
and structure

Why Firefly?
Data Scientist

Stay on top of the latest
algorithms and research

Focus on business impact, not on
machine learning technicalities

Reduce significantly
your time to delivery

Get top-performing explainable
models, with full performance


Explore quickly new business
initiatives with AI at minimal cost

Gain timely, measurable

Let your team focus on your
domain: let Firefly handle the heavy
lifting of machine learning

Enjoy grandmaster-level data
science expertise