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Demand Forecasting

Accurate demand forecasting is the key to optimizing production, improving cash-to-cash cycle length, and reducing stockouts. Using AI can increase accuracy in demand forecasting by up to 50%, reducing revenue loss due to overstocking or lack of stock. allows manufacturers to quickly and easily build accurate ML demand forecasting models that take seasonality and periodicity into account.

Predictive Maintenance

Using machine learning to cut downtime can increase asset productivity and reduce total maintenance costs, without compromising on tool health. allows you to automatically apply advanced anomaly detection algorithms to supply chain data, in order to build accurate predictive maintenance models with a short time-to-solution.

Churn Prediction

Reducing customer churn is a challenge for every industry, B2B and B2C, from SaaS to telco.’s machine learning solution applies AI to historic customer behavior data, revealing the triggers of churn for every set of customers. With this information, every business can identify the causes of churn and act to mitigate them.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is a key tactic for all industries. It draws on complex differentiators to divide customers into different segments which underpin personalized marketing campaigns, product and service choices, and price setting. applies machine learning to customer behavioral and demographic data to generate accurate segmentation, helping each business to make the most profitable decisions for its audience.

Risk Mitigation

AI-powered credit scoring models enable lending institutions to increase both speed and accuracy in risk mitigation, thereby reducing the rate of non-performing loans and raising loan acceptance rates. automates the process of building, testing, and deploying credit scoring models, while ensuring total compliance and explainability with models that are fully transparent.

Investment Optimization

Machine learning models can process structured data from financial markets and generate data-based investment predictions in seconds. Investment experts can use to build reliable, time-based predictive models that enable more accurate, optimized investments. 

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection is critical in the finance industry, but traditional methods aren’t powerful enough to cope with today’s fraudsters. Machine learning models can strengthen fraud prevention while reducing the incidence of false alerts. They adapt to the ever-evolving behavior of fraudsters, ensuring that the fraud detection model stays relevant and effective.

Sales Forecasting

Overstocking leads to a loss of income through unmade sales, but stockouts cause retailers to miss out on revenue as customers abandon them for their better-stocked competitors. Predictive demand forecasting using AI improves accuracy and granularity in inventory management to keep stock at the right levels. empowers you to build time-sensitive autoML models for streamlined, cost-effective sales and demand forecasting. 

Pricing Optimization

Predictive pricing optimization helps retailers to find the sweet spot which maximizes profit without putting off customers. The ideal price for each item can fluctuate according to the weather, the season, sales channel, and promotions by local competitors. Big retailers apply autoML algorithms to stay ahead in price optimization. With, every retailer can create accurate machine learning models that predict changes in the marketplace to calculate the optimum price for every product on every channel.

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