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Manufacturers use IoT technologies to collect data from their factories and warehouses, but they can only unlock influential predictions when they combine this data with machine learning. Adding machine learning can improve product yields, increase profit margins, and reduce testing time.’s automated machine learning platform enables companies to build effective predictive models to reduce waste, extend machinery lifecycle, and optimize system performance, even without a robust data science operation.

Demand Forecasting

Accurate demand forecasting helps optimize stock and production levels. According to McKinsey, using AI to enhance supply chain management could reduce forecasting errors by between 20% and 50%, bringing a drop of up to 65% in sales lost due to lack of stock, while also decreasing the size of inventory required.

Using enables supply chain managers to surmount the challenges of seasonality and periodicity in demand forecasting. When you use, you can easily and quickly build a time-sensitive model that takes these issues into account.

Predictive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep machinery in its best working condition, but downtime inevitably affects the bottom line. Using machine learning to cut downtime can increase asset productivity by up to 20% and reduce total maintenance costs by up to 10%, boosting your profit margins without compromising on tool health. allows you to automatically apply advanced anomaly detection algorithms to supply chain data in order to build accurate predictive models with a short time-to-solution. brings new possibilities for the manufacturing industry

AutoML can empower the manufacturing industry to boost profit margins and accelerate production time. Incorporating machine learning enables companies to predict and meet demand, optimize maintenance scheduling, and speed up testing and calibration times.

With’s simple, automated platform, manufacturers can access the power of machine learning without an advanced data science department.

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