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The finance industry is adapting AI at the fastest pace. The biggest buzz surrounds the value that machine learning can bring to use cases such as fraud detection, risk mitigation, and investment optimization.’s automated machine learning platform enables financial organizations to stay ahead of the market and build fully transparent predictive models without a robust data science operation.

Risk Mitigation

AI-powered credit scoring models enable lending institutions to increase both speed and accuracy in risk mitigation, thereby reducing the rate of non-performing loans and raising loan acceptance rates. automates the process of building, testing, and deploying credit scoring models, making it quick and easy to leverage machine learning without a large data science department.

With AI-powered risk mitigation, you can use complex rules to distinguish between high-risk applicants and those who are creditworthy, even when the applicants don’t have a long credit history. Risk mitigation models built on are fully transparent, for total compliance and easy explainability.

Investment Optimization

Successful investments are always time-sensitive. Machine learning models can process structured data from financial markets in a fraction of the time that it takes a human, and generate data-based investment predictions in seconds. allows you to use machine learning to understand and respond to integrated data from multiple sources to significantly improve your portfolio’s performance. 

Investment experts can use to build reliable, time-based predictive models for investments. Take long-term and short-term goals into consideration, along with relevant markers to build a time series model that enables optimized investments.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection is critical in the finance industry, but traditional methods aren’t powerful enough to cope with today’s fraudsters. Adding a machine learning layer on top of a rule-based engine can strengthen fraud prevention while reducing the incidence of false alerts. 

A rule-based engine can’t adapt to changing circumstances. In contrast, a machine-learning model constantly responds to changes based on new data, remaining relevant when behavior patterns alter. This is crucial because fraudsters’ tactics are always evolving and quickly bypass rule-based engines. Only machine learning enables your system to adapt quickly to detect fraud on an ongoing basis. Working with’s automated machine learning platform gives your organization the capabilities to instantly respond to new threats, delivering new predictive models within hours. brings new possibilities for the finance industry

AutoML brings transformative possibilities for the finance industry. By incorporating machine learning, financial institutions can save time and money on improved data-driven decision-making, faster credit decisions, and a radical drop in losses due to fraud.’s simple, automated platform allows financial institutions to access the power of machine learning, without advanced data science experience.

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