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Senior Machine Learning Algorithm Researcher

A rapidly growing machine learning startup in the field of AutoML is looking for a Senior Machine Learning Researcher. This is an amazing opportunity to help shape the future of machine learning tools for data professionals. We believe artificial intelligence should be available to any organization that aims to predict its future.

As’s Senior Machine Learning Researcher you will research and develop our autoML system and support our rapid business growth. The system is based on the leading open-source ML libraries, covering the machine learning pipeline from data analysis and data preprocessing to modeling and explainability. We are good at solving structured datasets for supervised tasks (such as classification, regression, and time series) with the system that makes a state-of-the-art model in a snap. Our applied research lies in the fields of hyper-parameter optimization, meta-learning, time-series, anomaly detection, explainability, and active learning. We even challenge the fundamental concepts of machine learning and data science. In addition, you may need to use your skills and talents to solve real-life data science challenges faced by our customers from across the industry. You will play a significant part of an innovative, high-performing team that is committed to delivering an application using cutting edge technologies in a dynamic and agile environment.

So what will your days at entail ?

● Research – various topics, formulating the right solution

● Development – Algo development in our system, mainly in Python

● Data science – Solving challenging customer datasets

● Winning – participating and winning open competitions

Does this describe you?

● Smart, team player, experienced, independent, problem solver

● M.Sc. from a reputable university

● At least 5 years of proven experience as an algorithm engineer or software developer

● At least 3 years in the field of machine learning and data science

● At least 3 years of hands-on experience in Java, C++, C# or Python

● Vast experience with machine learning algorithms and concepts

● Diverse experience with real-life data science tasks

Are you also the bearer of these advantageous superpowers?

● Ph.D. from a reputable university

● Hands-on experience in Python

● Proven track record in data science competitions (e.g. Kaggle)